Account Information Window

The Account Information Window provides complete information about your trading account(s).

The following information is available in the Account Information window:

AcctID (Account ID) - account number

Own (Money Owner ID) - name of the money owner

Balance (Balance) - account balance

Equity (Equity) - account equity (Balance +/- Unrealized Profit/Loss)

UsdMr (Used Margin) - amount (in base currency) used as margin for existing positions

UsblMr (Usable Margin) - amount (in base currency) that can be used as Margin for opening future positions (UsblMr = Equity - UsdMr) or (UsblMr = Balance - UsdMr)

MC (Margin Call) - shows if Margin Call was issued on the account (Margin Call rates depend on your agreement with the Dealer)

OP (Open Positions) - number of open positions (in Lots)

Prm (Premium) - amount of premium charged on this account (in base currency)

NetP/L (Net Profit/Loss) - net profit or loss on this account (in base currency) at the current moment. Net P/L = Gross P/L - Com +/- Prm

DA (Default Amount) - default number of lots in new position window on this account

Group (Group name) - if you are trading on multiple accounts, you may enter group names for such accounts

, then you can sort by group name

and highlight several accounts to place trades for several accounts simultaneously

AcT (Account Type) -

T - trading

M - individual managed account within managed group

G - the group account that represents a group of managed accounts

IA (Inactive Account) - no trading is possible on such accounts

The following functionality is available in the Account Information Window:

Generate Reports (Account Statements)
Right-click within the account record and then choose the desired settings for the report (account statement) in the report generating window: choose an account number from the account pull-down menu, and set a report period: reports can be taken as up-to-current-time for the day, week, month, quarter, year, or since the account was opened "since opened", for the previous month, or with user defined dates (if the time period is user defined , enter the "from" and "till" dates; if "till" field is left blank, the up-to-current-time report will be generated). The selected report will be generated. You can print it out for your reference.

Generate Trading History Report

Right click anywhere within the record, choose "Trading History Report" from the pull down menu - a report on the last 30 closed positions will be generated.

View Rates at Which a Margin Call Would be Generated on Your Account - right click anywhere within a record, choose "MC Rates" from the pull down menu

Note: IF account has open positions in more than one currency, MC rate for every given currency is calculated with the assumption that all other currency rates are "frozen" [or the positions in all other currencies are 100 % hedged]

Enter Group name -
left-click on "Group" field within the account record. The Group dialog box will appear:

Enter the Group Name and click OK

Set Default Amount - left click the "DA" field within the account record. The "Default Amount" Dialog Box will appear.

Enter the amount of lots that will be traded on this account by default [will appear by default in the 'amount input' field of the "Market Order" for this account] Click OK.

Change Font - right click on any record in the window, choose "font", and choose desired settings for the font.

Show and Hide Columns - right click on the header, choose "columns" and check boxes next to columns you want to appear in the window

Refresh Data - right click within any record or on the header, choose "refresh"

Sort Records - right click on the header, then choose "sorting", then choose "ascending", "descending", or "default," or simply left-click the column title. All records in that column will be sorted

Show/Hide managed accounts - by default only the blue-colored Group accounts are shown in the "Account Information Window". To see all individual accounts of the managed groups use the "Show managed" function. To access managed accounts, right click on the header and choose "Show Managed"