Summary Window

Shows a summary of open positions on all or any number of your accounts.

Select accounts in the Account Information Window by highlighting of one or more accounts.

In the Summary Window you will see the Summary by Selected Accounts.

The following information is available in the Summary Window:

Cur 1 (Currency 1 ) - first/contract currency

Cur 2 (Currency 2 ) - second currency

Lot (Trading Volume (Lots)) - number of open lots on this instrument

NH (not hedged lots) - number of not hedged lots on this instrument

Amt, K (Trading volume (K)) - amount in thousands

B/S (Buy/Sell) - Buy or Sell

AvOpen (Average Open Rate) - average opening rate on this instrument

AvClose (Average Close Rate) - current rate on this instrument

P/L (Profit/Loss (points)) - profit or loss for all positions in this instrument (in points) at the current moment

Net P/L (Net Profit/Loss) - profit or loss on this instrument (in base currency) at the

Current moment. The Commissions and Premium are taken onto the account.

(Net P/L = P/L * point size - Com +/- Prm)

The following functionality is available in the Summary Window:

Summary by all accounts - right click within any record or on the header; from the pull down menu choose "Summary by All Accounts"

Close Positions - right click anywhere within the position record, and the "Close Position" confirmation window will appear:

To close positions click "Yes".

Change Font - right click on any record in the window, choose "font", and choose the desired settings for the font.

Show and Hide Columns - right click on the header, choose "columns" and check the boxes next to columns that you want to appear in the window

Refresh Data - right click within any record or on the header, and choose "refresh"

Sort Records - right click on the header, then choose "sorting", then "ascending", "descending", or "default," or simply left-click the column title. All records in that column will be sorted