Account Information Bar


The Account Information bar appears at the bottom of the main application window. It displays information on the account(s) currently selected in the Account Information window. The following information is displayed:


Currently selected account(s)
Used Margin
Margin Utilization Indicator ribbon151 (displays the used margin as a percent of total equity on the account)
Usable Margin
Net PL (profit/loss)
Interest - annual interest rate on Usable Margin (if applied to the selected account). Read more about Interest on usable margin....

Note: The interest name can be different depending on your system configuration


All currency values (Balance, Equity etc) are displayed with a system base currency sign.


When multiple accounts are selected, the bar displays the sums of the balances, equities, etc. of those accounts. The Interest displays "N/A" in this case.


Selecting Accounts

In addition to selecting accounts in the Account Information window, it is also possible to select accounts directly from the Account Information bar. Click the ribbon153 icon next to the word ‘Account(s)’. An account selection window will appear. Select the desired account(s) from the window. You may click+drag or use the SHIFT and CTRL keys to select multiple accounts. Click OK.


The information from the selected accounts will appear in the Account(s) bar. In addition, these accounts will be highlighted in the Account Information window.



Note: The Account Information bar is not workspace-specific; it remains visible regardless of the currently selected workspace.