ActFX Tab

The ActFX tab contains commands related to algorithmic trading and custom user technical indicators. From this tab you can open the indicator and strategy editors, as well as to manage or launch your algorithmic trading strategies.



ActFX Group


Indicator Editor: Click to open the ActFX User Indicator Editor.

Strategy Editor: Click to open the ActFX User Strategy Editor.

Indicators and Strategies: Click to open the Indicators and Strategies window

Strategy Summary: Click to open the Strategy Summary window.

ActFX Online: Click to open ActFX forum.

Open Strategies: Click to see a list of currently open strategies. Select a strategy to switch focus to that strategy’s window.

MQL4->ActFX Converter: This button allows you to choose an MQL4 expert adviser file on your computer to convert it into ActFX strategy.Read more...


FXApps Group


FXApps: Click to open FXApps window.


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