High/Low Binary Options window

The Binary Options window is used for selecting and placing a bet in ActTrader. This window combines all instruments and expirations, as well as bet placement controls.

High/Low Binary Options provide only one strike price which is always equal to the current instrument rate.




The BO Bets window is divided into three sections:

-Bet placement controls


The title of the BO Bets window contains the Net P/L value for all currently open bets (of all available types), calculated as a difference between sum of all premiums of the active bets, and the current payouts for these bets. The Net P/L is updated every second, taking into consideration whether the bets are currently winning or losing.




Two bets placed:






Current rate

Current payout




Put 1.29500







Call 94.301





Net P/L = (Current Payout1 + Current Payout2) – (Premium1 + Premium2) = $187 – $200 = -$13


Instruments Section


The top of the window contains tiles which display the information about available binary options. Clicking on tile displays a large chart in the main part of the window and enables trading controls at the bottom.

You can filter out the instruments by clicking the button in the Instruments control and selecting the desired instrument(s) in the dialog box:




The button displays the list of selected instruments, or “All” in case all available instruments are selected.


It is also possible to hide some expirations by unchecking the corresponding checkboxes at the top of the window:


Note: System will hide expiration choice, if it is not available on any of the displayed instruments.

Each instrument cell contains the following elements:

-Instrument name
-Payout value for active options; if the option trading hasn’t started yet, then Payout is not displayed:


-Current rate (bid) displayed using the Large Pips Shift Offset setting for the instrument, with large pips colored in red or green if the last price update decreased or increased the previous price, respectively
-Expiration Date/Time
-Time till expiration. If the option is not open for trading yet, the cell shows: Will open in [time]
-Current P/L – total P/L for all active bets for this option across all accounts. Shown in red if zero or negative, and in green if positive. Current P/L is calculated as a sum of all “current” payouts minus sum of all premiums. “Current” payout for each bet is taken depending on whether the bet is winning or losing. If no options are bought for the option, the P/L is not shown (hence when the option expires, Current P/L for it is reset to 0)


The list of the Binary Options can be scrolled horizontally by clicking the left/right arrow buttons at the edges of the list.


Chart section


The chart section displays the price chart for the selected instrument


The left top of the chart displays the instrument name, rate used for trading and creating the chart (Bid, Ask or Middle - depends on the system configuration) and period (for candle charts).
In the upper right corner of the chart you can find the buttons for selecting the chart view: tick, candle, with/without fill.
Current rate is displayed on chart as a dot and highlighted on the rates scale
White vertical line indicates the time when the trading opened for this particular bet (Start time).
Yellow vertical line indicates the time when the bet expires (End time)
Gray vertical line indicates the time before the expiration when bets can no longer be accepted
The price chart is displayed for a selected option only when the trading is open. If trading is closed, the empty pane is shown with the following caption in the upper left corner: "This Binary Option will be available at [first contract start date/time]”.
If there are active bets for a current option on any accounts, they are displayed as horizontal lines on chart: red for the “below” bets, and green for the “above” bets.
At the point of bet creation there is a triangle pointing down (for “below” bets), or up (for “above”)
Bet amount (Premium) is displayed at the opposite side of the triangle
At the lower left corner below the chart you can see Current P/L for all currently active bets for the option across all accounts, which is the difference between all current (potential) payouts and paid premiums. When the option expires, Current P/L for it is reset to 0.
At the lower right corner below the chart the option expiration date/time is displayed


Right-click menu on chart


Right-click menu allows to customize the chart view



Tick Chart – chart created by ticks. This option is selected by default


Candle Chart – chart created by candles. Chart period depends on the selected expiration:
-Intraday: 1min
-Daily: 30min
-Weekly: 4hrs
-Monthly: 1day


Fill Chart – if this option is enabled, the area below the chart is filled with the chart color. Enabled by default
Show Bet Amounts – if this option is enabled, the amount of each bet is displayed on the chart. Enabled by default


Below is the chart with Fill Chart and Show Bet Amounts options disabled:




Note: when the option expires, all bet information is erased from the chart, and the chart itself starts over from the left.


Bet placement Controls




Shows possible trader’s payout (in percent of the premium) if he/she wins. This is non-editable value which depends on the selected instrument and expiration date; recalculated with every tick.



Current  price of the selected instrument (also named strike price). This could be Bid, Ask or Middle rate - depends on the system configuration. The chart header indicates which rate is used for trading (see above).

Rate is updated every tick.


Above and Below buttons

These buttons are used for selecting the type of binary option. Click Above if you expect that at the expiration date and time the  bid rate of the instrument will be higher than the current rate. Click Below if you expect that at the expiration date and time the bid rate of the instrument will be lower than the current rate.



Bet premium in the system base currency. The trader’s payout directly depends on this parameter.

Maximum and minimum bet amount, as well as the increment for changing amount are regulated by the Administrator.

If you manually enter the value not compatible with the amount limitations, the field is highlighted in red. Hovering the mouse over it shows the following hint:




Possible trader’s payout in system base currency is displayed below the Amount field:

- The first value is a Winning Payout received in case the trader wins. This value is recalculated every tick based on the current payout and entered Amount

- The second value is a Consolation Payout received in case the trader loses


Note: Consolation may not be used for an instrument.In this case the second value will not be displayed.


Time left to trade

Time left for placing the bet is displayed in red above the Invest button. If the bet cannot be placed anymore (interval between Stop Trading and End time), the timer is displayed in grey, and shows the time until the actual expiration





Click the Invest button to place the bet. The button is active only when the following conditions are met:

-Valid Amount is entered
-Above or Below is selected
-Trading is open on instrument and binary option
-Stop Trading interval is not reached
-One individual account is selected

Note: If you have only one trading account, this account is selected automatically; otherwise, select the account that you want to trade from in the Account Information bar.


After clicking the Invest button confirmation message will pop-up with the binary bet details:



Click OK to confirm the bet – the placed bet will appear in the Active Bets window and will be marked on the chart as a red or green line.

You can check the box “Don’t show this message again” if you do not want to receive this confirmation every time when placing a bet.

You can enable/disable the confirmation message with the new checkbox “Buy Binary Option confirmation (Combined View)” in the Settings->Notifications and Messages: