Binary Options Trading

Note: Binary Options trading may not be available on your platform.


Binary Options are named so because they could have only two results: a holder either receives nothing or some predefined sum. Technically, buying a Binary Option is like placing a bet on further instrument price movement (hereinafter Binary Option = bet). Binary Option gives its holder the right to receive a fixed sum if the current asset's price at the expiration date and time is higher/lower than the strike price.


As with other option transactions, buyer pays a bonus (premium) for acquiring an optional right. If he wins, he receives his premium back plus certain percentage of this sum (this percentage is called payout or return). If buyer loses, he receives a consolation payout, which is also a percentage of the premium paid.  Thus, trader never loses all of his money – he is always refunded at least a part of his investment. Furthermore, trader doesn’t have to pay any commissions or fees for transactions with Binary Options.


There are two types of Binary Options that can be traded on the platform:

•        High/Low - strike rate is always the current instrument rate

•        Spread - trader can choose between two possible strikes - several pips above and several pips below the current rate


Important Notes for Binary Options Transactions
Placing a Binary Bet
High/Low Binary Options window
Binary Options Bets windowMonitoring Active Bets
Monitoring Expired Bets