Cannot open file

For using external libraries “*.mqh” they need to be converted to the “*.actlib” files.

External libraries usage in ActFX is described here

NOTE: Name of the library should be similar to *.mqh library. Each external library file in ActFX can have additional structure line: Begin end.



uses 'LibMQL4.actlib', 'stdlib.actlib', 'stderror.actlib', 'WinUser32.actlib', 'HybridEA.actlib';


“HybridEA.actlib” is a custom external library that needs to be converted separately.



External library should be converted separately from expert adviser.


NOTE: Compiled external libraries “*.ex4” cannot be used in ActFX. Corresponding request will be automatically converted to the constant: const import_3 = 'MyLib.ex4';