In Color settings, you can modify colors of various aspects of the chart. In addition, you can reset the chart colors to the default setting.

All color settings are grouped into four tabs: General, Chart Data, Chart Objects and Trade Objects

The General tab contains the settings affecting the overall chart field:


 The Current Rate... colors apply to the rate indication selected in the Current Rate Labels View setting in Common > Display tab of the Chart Settings

 - The Current Rate Label setting defines the color of Spread highlight:


 - The Current Rate Arrow Ask Label and Current Rate Arrow Bid Label define the colors of Bid/Ask Arrows


The Chart Data tab groups the colors of candles, bars, line chart types.


 With these settings you can set independent color indication for the chart in different modes: Candles, Bars and Line        


The Charts Objects tab consists of chart objects’ color settings (lines, alerts, labels etc.)


 On this tab you can set the colors of Trend, Horizontal, Vertical, Crosshair lines separately.

 The Lines Labels setting allows to change label color for all lines shown on an active chart.

The Trade Objects tab consists of the color settings of trade objects represented on the chart: Open/Closed positions, Conditional/Entry Orders.