In Common settings, you can customize the overall display of various components of the chart. This section is divided into Chart Field and Display tabs.

The Chart Field tab contains the settings configuring the chart front-end:


Load Candles setting allows to set the number of candles (ticks) that will appear on a particular chart. By default, the application loads only 366 candles to be displayed on the chart at a time (as a new candle appears on the chart, the first one (the eldest) disappears). But you can change this value by using the up/down arrows or manually entering the values into the box).

The value of this parameter is saved when you save the chart using the ‘Save Current Chart’ button on the chart toolbar or ‘Save Current Chart’ option in the chart context menu.

This parameter is also saved for the current chart instance, when you change the number of Load Candles for a specific chart, leave the chart open and re-log in to the application. This chart will be loaded with the same number of candles that had been set up before.

If you save your desktop profile with a custom number of loaded candles on the open chart, the number of candles will be saved for this chart as a part of the profile.

On Mouse Wheel - configures the mouse wheel to either scroll or zoom the chart.
Use Embedded chart labels – this checkbox allows to move the last candle information and separated indicators' labels inside the chart area:


This functionality can help you to save the screen space when working with the large number of different windows (charts).

Hide Toolbar checkbox also helps to increase the chart’s working space. This functionality hides the toolbar and horizontal scrollbar on the selected chart. The functionality can be accessed via the right-click menu (“Hide Toolbar”) as well as from the Chart Settings dialog.


Change number of candles on resize - this option is useful for those who often modify the chart window's size – it changes the behavior of the chart data and windows width.

- If the box is checked, then resizing the window will not change the size of displayed candles, instead it will increase or decrease their number to fit the window width.

- If the box is unchecked, then resizing the window will resize the displayed candles, while their number remains fixed.


Original chart


Resize with the “Change number of candles on resize” option checked                                Resize with “Change number of candles on resize” option unchecked

Note: To use the “Change number of candles on resize” function it is required to have the OS Windows setting “Show window contents while dragging” checked.

Corresponding OS Windows setting can be found by the following path: Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Performance Options -> Visual Effects - > Show window contents while dragging

Use spaces after last candle [in candles] – allows to set a space between the last candle and the right border of the chart after refreshing the chart or changing instrument/chart timeframe.  It helps to visually indicate the last candle on the chart.

  This setting will also be useful if you work with the large number of small charts.

  Note: This parameter affects all types of charts (Candles, Bars, Lines), but the space width is calculated based on candle size.


Number of loaded candles on scroll [in candles] setting allows to automatically upload preselected number of candles to the chart when working with the historical data by clicking on the left scroll arrow (when the scroll is at the left-most position).



Note: This parameter affects all types of charts (Candles, Bars, Lines), but the amount of preloaded information is calculated based on number of candles.


The Display tab allows to show/hide various graphical elements inside each chart:


Current Rate Label View allows to select how current Bid/Ask rates are indicated on chart.

There are two different types of Rate Label representation: “Spread” (standard) and “Bid/Ask Arrows”

Chart with Spread Current Rate Label:


Chart with Bid/Ask Arrows Current Rate Label


Chart with Rate Label hidden:


Separating Horizontal Lines each [in pips] – this setting is similar to “Separating Lines each [in candles]” (see below). It allows adding horizontal lines with the specified number of pips. For example you can easily create the net with the 50 pips steps. This is very useful for those who use manual chart analysis.


The Separating Lines tool allows the trader to add vertical separating lines onto charts. This is useful for visually separating the price chart into sectors by: candles, minutes, hours, days, or months.



Show Open/Closed Positions, Show Orders, Show Price Alerts – allows to add positions, orders, and price alerts markers on the chart. You can also show/hide these markers from the chart toolbar


Hide Trendline Labels – allows hiding the labels of all trendlines displayed on the chart. This setting affects already created and newly added trendlines