Create New Chart

To open a chart window on your trading workspace, choose Charts on the Upper Panel Menu, and then choose New Chart.


You may also right-click on an instrument in the Dealing Rates window, Instruments window, Dealing Rates Table window or Individual Dealing Rate window, and select Open Chart.


Select the instrument and the time scale from the New Chart menu and press OK. (If you right-clicked on an instrument to reach the New Chart dialog, then that instrument will be pre-selected.




To search for instruments,enter one or more characters of the instrument name in the Find Instrument box and click the up/down arrows to toggle through the results.



A new chart window will appear.




Note: Maximum number of charts that can be open simultaneously in ActTrader is limited to 100. When you try to open an extra chart, the system will generate the following message:




This restriction does not affect charts in Binary Options Bets window.