Downloading a Script

FXApps offers a large variety of scripts (strategies, indicators) displayed by categories in the Browse Catalogs section.

Important: In order to download any script, you need to be registered with FXApps.

1.Select a script and click the Download button on the FXApps main page, on the strategy details page, on the Compare Apps page or on the List of Purchased Apps.

You can view the detailed description of a script by clicking the Details link on the individual script's tile:


2.Downloading progress screen will open. When the script is downloaded to the ActTrader folder, you will receive a notification message:


3. Click OK in the message to open the Indicators and Strategies. After downloading a script, you do not need to compile it – the script will be automatically added to the Indicators and Strategies (Custom tab), and can be used right away.


4.Click “Add to [chart]”/”Add to new chart” for plotting an indicator on the chart
5.Click “Test strategy” to run a strategy in the test mode or “Run strategy” to execute a strategy in the real mode
6.Also if an indicator/strategy is open sourced, then you can clone a script in the corresponding editor (“Clone” button  in the “Indicators and Strategies” tab)