You can draw circles, ovals and rectangles in the chart. Drawing figures can be very helpful in technical analysis when you need to highlight some area on the chart.


Plotting objects on the chart


Select the Circle/Oval/Rectangle option in the Objects menu of the chart toolbar:


When you select this option, the cursor will become finger-shaped: finger


In order to plot the object, left-click anywhere on the chart (it will be the central point) and drag the cursor to plot the directing line of the selected object: radius for the circle, diagonal for the rectangle or diagonal of the rectangle in which the oval is inscribed.


Note:        If you press Ctrl while drawing an oval, then your oval will turn into a circle.

If you press Ctrl while drawing a rectangle, then your rectangle will turn into a square.


When you left click on the plotted object, it will become highlighted, i.e. two dots will appear at the edges of the directing line. If you hover the cursor over a dot, it will turn into a crosshair allowing you to drag the dot over the chart thus resizing the object:


You can also drag the plotted object over the chart by left-clicking on its line and holding the mouse button.


Right-clicking on the directing line of the object opens the standard context menu for manually plotted objects:


To delete the object left-click on it once and choose the Remove Selected Objects option on the chart toolbar or press Delete on your keyboard.


Objects Settings


You can customize the view of the new graphical objects using the advanced Settings dialog box, allowing you even to change the object position related to the chart candles.


The object dialog box appears as displayed below:



Properties description


Color – Left click on the color sample to select the line color;

Fill Color – Check the checkbox to enable the object’s fill color. Left click on the color sample to select the desired color. If the Fill Color checkbox is unchecked – the object will be transparent;

Note: When object is filled – it can be selected by clicking anywhere inside the object. When object is transparent – it can be selected only by clicking on its outline.

Width – The width of the line. Use the drop-down box to select one of the three available options: 1 pixel, 2 pixels or 3 pixels;

Style – The style of the line. The drop-down box includes three options: solid, dashed and dotted;

Draw in the chart background checkbox – allows plotting the object behind the chart candles;

Note: Each new object with the “Draw in the chart background” parameter enabled will be superimposed on the previous object in the order of appearance on the chart.

Id – The unique number of the chart object (non-editable)


Show price label checkbox – Additional parameter available for Rectangle object. When this option is enabled, the rates labels will appear at the edges of the directing line. By default it is enabled.

Show price label color – Left click on the color sample to select the label color;



The object settings dialog box can be accessed in three ways:

-Click the Object Settings button on the chart toolbar, when the object is selected:
-Right-click on the object, and then click Settings.
-Double-click on the object plotted in the chart.