Home Tab

The Home tab contains the most commonly-used actions. These include creating a market order, opening a new chart, subscribing to instruments, loading a desktop profile, and launching an algorithmic trading strategy.



Trading Group


Sell: Click to open a Sell position.

Buy: Click to open a Buy Position.


Chart Group


New Chart: Click to open a new chart window.


Instruments Group


Instrument Catalog: Click to open the Instrument Catalog window, where you can choose which instruments are visible in your application.


Profiles Group


Desktop Profile: Click to manage desktop profiles, or to choose from a list of saved system or custom profiles.


Algorithmic Trading Group


Indicators and Strategies: Click to open theIndicators and Strategies dialog, which will allow you to select and run an algorithmic trading strategy.

New Visual Strategy: Allows you to create a visual strategy directly on chart. Clicking this button opens the New Chart dialog for selecting the instrument and time scale on which the strategy will be created.


FXApps Group


FXApps: Click to open FXApps window.


Autochartist Group


Trading Opportunities: Click to open the Trading Opportunities window