Instruments window columns


Instrument name



Dealer’s Bid rate



Dealer’s Ask rate



Dealer’s highest and lowest rates for the current trading day (High Bid/Low Ask)



Bid/Ask Volume

The bid/ask volume is received with each tick and contains two values: a volume for the bid rate and a volume for the ask rate (both in millions). It indicates the maximum value for which a market order can be placed at the displayed rate.



Time of the last update



Net change in the Bid rate (in pips) since the opening of the trading day


% Change

Tracks the rate change for the instrument in % throughout the trading day.

% Change is calculated as follows:

((Current bid price) – (Bid price at opening of trading day)) / (Bid price at opening of trading day)

The resulting figure is expressed as a percent value, rounded to 4 digits, preceded by a plus or minus sign.


Pip Value

The value of one pip per one contract in system base currency at the current moment


Trade Step

Trade Step value - the smallest possible trade increment for trading on individual and group accounts.


Ovnt. Roll. Sell %, Ovnt. Roll. Buy %

Overnight rollover rates in base currency per one night per one lot. Amount paid to/charged from all positions that remained open at the end of the trading day and were rolled over to the next trading day.



The Maximum Order Volume setting for this instrument. This is the maximum amount for a single trade on this instrument.


Fut Roll Date

For Futures instruments, the expiration date for Futures. Will be displayed in the operation system's format, set in the Control Panel.


NT Interval

Non trading time interval in the format of HH:MM:SS - HH:MM:SS



Imminent Distance: Imminent Distance (in pips) per particular instrument.

Trader can set the Imminent Distance for particular instrument by clicking on the Imminent Distance field in the instrument record




Default: the imminent distance set in the Orders window is the default imminent distance for every individual instrument