Loader Settings



Run the program in Off-line mode

If you logged in to ActTrader at least once, you can run ActTrader platform without internet connection by checking the checkbox “Run the program in Off-line mode”.

All the information used during the last online session will be available in the off-line mode. In this mode you can analyze charts using all graphical instruments, create ActFX strategies (including VAT strategies) and indicators, test strategies etc.

You cannot perform any trading operations and run ActFX strategies (including VAT strategies) in real mode.

In offline mode only the chart data loaded during the pervious online sessions will be available.

You can see transactions history as it appeared at the moment you logged off from online mode last time.

You can customize the ActTrader except for the settings requiring synchronization with the server: instrument subscription, saving desktop profile etc.


Skin Settings

You can run the application in different skins. When switching between the skins, the view of the launcher updates accordingly. On the next login, ActTrader will be launched in the previously selected skin.

Skin can also be selected in the Main Settings > Skins drop-down box and in the View tab of the FXVoyager toolbar