Managed Accounts

If you have multiple accounts, you can combine them into a group of managed accounts. Once combined into a managed account, the accounts can be traded as one.


Setting Up a Managed Account

If you have 2 or more accounts, you can set up a managed account.

Right-click inside the Account Information window, and select Organize Managed Accounts.


A dialog will open with two lists of accounts. You can select a group account by choosing the appropriate account number from the drop down box at the top of the list. The list under the drop down box contains all of the accounts that are a part of the group specified in the drop down box. You can move accounts between the two lists by selecting the account or several accounts and using the buttons > and <.  You can move accounts from the Non-Managed pool to a group account, from a group account to the Non-Managed pool, or from one group account to another group account.


You can create a new group account by clicking the button “Create New Group”. The new group is created empty. You cannot create a new group if you already have an empty group.


You can add new accounts to the group or remove accounts from the group even if there are open positions/orders on account/group.

Please note:

1. Newly added account will NOT participate in the existing group positions/orders.

2. When removing account from the group, existing group positions and orders will remain open. But open position on this account will no longer be part of the group position.

Existing group order will be reduced by the amount allotted to this account. Existing order  on this account that was a part of the group order will be removed.


Trading From a Managed Account

To trade from your managed account, make sure that it is highlighted in the Account Information window, or selected in the Account Information bar.


Order amounts are allocated among the accounts in the group based on the Managed Order Amount Allocation Mode setting, found in the Main Settings of the application.