Monitoring Active Bets

The Active Bets window displays currently active bets of all types that are awaiting their expiration date and time.



Account number



Last name or login of the account money owner


Bet #

The unique number that every bet receives. This number is also used in reports.



The name of the underlying instrument.



The creation date and time



The expiration date and time



Binary Option type ("Spread" or "High/Low")



The bet premium (cost)



Displays the strike rate, and a triangle in front of it: a green triangle, pointing up, if the user placed the Call option, or a red triangle, pointing down, if the user placed a Put option.



The values which have been displayed in the Buy Binary option window: Winning payout and Minimum payout, separated by ‘/’.

Note: If consolation is not used for this instrument, the Minimum payout will not be displayed.


Pending bets (with yellow background)


If at the moment of bet expiration the price is not available in the system due to technical reasons, the system sends corresponding message to trader, and this bet remains in the Active Bets window highlighted in yellow.

This bet will expire only after the system retrieves the expiration price (price which had been sent from the external feed during the first minute after expiration time). Otherwise the bet will be automatically removed by the system, and the option’s premium will be refunded to the trader. In this case the system sends the following message to the trader: “The binary option #[option_id] has been removed from the system. The premium has been reimbursed to you. Please contact the broker for details”