News window

The News window provides you with a quick overview of recent news as well as the time when it was received. Each headline can be expanded to show the entire article.

The News window can be viewed in three different modes: Table, Separated and Embedded:



Table mode – a standard News display previously used in ActTrader.
Separated mode – a new design including a toolbar, latest news area, list of historical news and separated area for news body.
Embedded mode – similar to the Separated mode: it has the same set of controls, but the news body is displayed inside the list (below the corresponding topic).

You can switch between the modes in the News window settings.


The News Toolbar added in the Separated and Embedded modes consists of the following control elements:

Sort buttons – allow the user to sort news by Date or by Source in descending or ascending order.
Filter – allows filtering the news by entered word (or phrase).
Search – the entered word (or phrase) will be highlighted in topics and loaded news body.

Note: Search and filter can be applied to the news body if it has been opened before at least once.  This rule works for all news types except for RSS – because the RSS body is downloaded automatically; search and filter applies to RSS body regardless of whether it was opened before or not.


Right-click menu

In the right-click menu of the News window you can switch between Current and Historic news lists. These lists, as well as the News window mode are configured in the News window settings accessed by selecting the Preferences > Settings in the menu, or by going to the Main application Settings->Windows->News



Note:  The News window is optional and may not appear in your application. If you want to have access to this window, please contact customer support.