One-Click Trading

As its name implies, One Click Trading allows you to open a new position in just one click.

One click trading can be enabled through the application main settings.




The “One Click Trading” setting adds an “Amount” field and sliders to every instrument's cell in the Dealing Rates window. Furthermore, when you click on Bid or Ask, a position will immediately open for the number of lots indicated in the “Amount” field (by default, the DA of the selected account).





Sliders under each Bid and Ask button shows minimum and maximum amount that can be sold or bought from the currently selected account.

You can also determine beforehand whether to set Predefined orders when opening positions in one-click trading mode, using the Set Predefined order at position opening setting located in the application main Settings


One Click Trading with managed accounts

The following options are available when:

1.A managed account is selected, AND
2.The current managed account order allocation mode is set to “Proportional” or “Proportional-One lot minimum


The Amount caption in each instrument's cell becomes a link





Clicking the Amount link opens the “Amount Details” window, which enables you to review and re-distribute the number of lots for each individual account within the managed group.



Each amount can be modified.




In the One-Click Trading mode you can also close a position in one click – by clicking the Close Rate (Close column) in the Open Positions window. In this case the selected position is always fully closed.