This window has several display settings: You can display the closed positions for a specific account or for all accounts assigned to you. You can also specify a number of recent transactions to show (default=30) or show positions that were closed within the past X number of days or for a specified period of time.




Selected display parameters are indicated in the window header. For example, if you select the Show for period radiobutton and specify From and Till date/time, the window will show only positions closed within specified period, which is indicated in the window header:


Note that Total line at the bottom of the window shows summarized number of Lots, P/L etc. for the displayed positions only.

The Show for period setting allows setting up an interval of any length (although in the Show last days you may not enter more than 100 days)

Tip: If you set tomorrow’s day in the Till field the newly closed positions will be added up in the window



Allows you to change the window’s font.

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Allows you to change the window’s background.

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