Preview Mode

Preview Mode allows any user to run ActTrader without registration. In order to run the platform in this mode, just select the Preview tab in the Login dialog and click Start.


After clicking the Login button, ActTrader will be loaded in the Preview Mode which will be indicated in the application header:


In the Preview Mode, you can perform all actions except for the following:

-Create, modify and remove any order
-Change Time Zone
-Save, modify and delete a profile
-Run a strategy
-Organize a managed account
-Deposit Funds
-Edit comment for position or order
-Subscribe to an instrument
-Rename and delete Chart Templates


You can open any dialogs and use any controls available for the real trading, but when trying to submit an order or make any other prohibited operation, you will receive the following message from the system:




Clicking on Login opens the standard Login dialog, where you can enter your credentials and login normally.

Clicking on Register opens a Registration dialog (or registration web-site) if the registration has been enabled on a system

Clicking on Continue Preview closes the dialog and the application remains in the Preview Mode.

In the Preview Mode you can see the Register button on all tabs of the FXVoayger, if the registration is enabled on a system.

Clicking on the Register button opens the built-in Registration dialog or a registration web-page, depending on your platforms configuration.