Recurrent Subscription

Recurrent subscription is available for news providers and other services with a limited period of use. With the recurrent payment system you do not need to renew your subscription every week or every month. The system will automatically withdraw the predefined sum from your PayPal or Google account on the monthly basis giving you continuous access to the desired service, until you cancel the subscription.

Important: In order to use recurrent subscription, you need to be registered with FXApps.

Buying a Recurrent Subscription

1.Select an item and click the Subscribe button on the FXApps main page, on the Subscription details page or on the Compare Apps page.
2.Select the “Recurrent” subscription period from the pop-up window and click the Subscribe button.


3.The Final Checkout Review page will open for the corresponding item with recurrent period and price. Select the payment system by clicking the corresponding radio button, and then click the Submit Order button.

Note: You can change the subscription period by clicking on the gear icon


4.Web-page of the selected payment system will open where you can login with the existing account or create a new account, and complete the payment.

4.1. PayPal confirmation page opens inside the FXApps Store:


4..1. If you cancel the payment (by clicking on Cancel and return to FXAppStore link), the correspondign message will be shown in FXApps and the purchase will be canceled.


4.1Google Wallet confirmation page opens in the external browser; during validation FXApps displays the following page:


4.1.1. Google Wallet confirmation start page includes the selected item name and its price. After clicking on the Start now button Google will ask to log in.

Note: If you already have authorized with Google, this page will be skipped



4.1.2. Before processing the payment Google will ask you to confirm the bill



4.1.3. After successful transaction Google will send the receipt via e-mail.


4.1.4. The last page shown after clicking  the Done button will show your Order ID. This is the last operation in external browser, so it can be closed.


4.1.5. You can cancel the payment process any time by closing Google pop-up window. After closing the external browser, the following message will be displayed in  the FXApps window of ActTrader:


5.After payment is made, the corresponding Subscription will automatically appear in the List of Purchased Apps. You can easily monitor the Subscription Details such as Subscription Status / Subscription Date / Subscriptions Type / Expiration Date / Last Payment Date on the List of Purchased Apps page.rec_payment11
6.You can cancel the selected recurrent subscription by clicking the Actions => Cancel Recurring button on the List of Purchased Apps page.
6.1If the payment was made with PayPal – cancellation of the recurring subscription will be made automatically after clicking on the Cancel Recurring button
6.2If the payment was made with Google Wallet – you will need to unsubscribe from the recurring subscription on your personal Google page. After clicking on  the Cancel Recurring button, the page with instructions will be displayed:


6.2.1. The above link opens the external browser with the subscription information


6.2.2. After clicking on the Update or cancel your subscription, you will be able to see current subscription status. Here you can cancel subscription by clicking the corresponding button:


6.2.3. Google will ask for additional confirmation:



6.2.4. After confirmation, the corresponding FXApps subscription will be canceled. FXApps will send you the cancellation notification via internal FXApps message and by e-mail.



6.3After cancellation of the recurrent subscription the corresponding item will change its type from “Recurring” into “1 Month” (till the end of the subscription period) in the Subscription Details table on the List of Purchased Apps page


Note: You can restore your recurring subscription by clicking the Subscribe button on the FXApps main page, on the Subscription details page, on the Compare Apps page or “Actions” => “Make Payment” button on the List of Purchased Apps page and selecting the “Recurring” period.

Note: If you prolong (start recurring) the subscription which has not expired yet, then new purchased period will be applied only after expiration of the previous one.