Any ActTrader user can access the store directly from the application, and view all the available content. But, in order to buy/download any script or subscribe to the news, the user must be registered with FXApps.

In order to register with FXApps, click the Sign In/Registration link in the upper right corner of the window, and then click the Registration button in the opened dialog.


Fill the registration form:


After registration you can view and edit your personal information on the Profile page.

If you are logged in to FXApps, your username will be displayed in the upper right corner of the FXApps window.


The registered users can log in to FXApps by clicking the Sign In link in the upper right corner of the window and entering their credentials into the dialog.

The registered users can download free content and purchase the paid items using PayPal system or Google Checkout directly from ActTrader.