Rejected Market Orders

If you create a market order, and the order is rejected because of a price change, then depending on your system settings, you can receive the following reject message.


Reject Message without Timer




The Remove Order button includes a countdown timer that indicates how many seconds are left for the trader to accept the new price before the order is automatically removed.


Reject Message with Timer


The message contains constantly changing market price on a specific instrument.
It offers the choice to either “Re-Submit Order” at the current market price or “Remove Order”.
This message does not have a timer.
The message allows setting Trader Range before re-submitting the order.


reject 1


Reject in STP

The systems connected to STP can have any reject message type for all orders which they process internally. For example, all orders processed internally have the "reject with the timer and option to accept" mode.

While orders sent directly to the STP provider receive a special reject message if they get rejected by the STP provider.

When a reject occurs in STP, trader of the TH system receives a message as in the example below:


“Your order # 1282 to Buy USDCASD at 1.0071 could not be processed. Please click OK to remove the order from the Orders window and try again”.


In the Events and Messages window, trader sees a message with the same text.