Pop-up menu 1

To access this window, right-click on a column header in the Instruments window




Menu commands:

hmtoggle_plus1Find Instrument

Allows you to search for instruments in the window.


Enter one or more characters in the instrument name and click Next to toggle through the results. Instruments meeting the search characteristics will be highlighted.


hmtoggle_plus1Instrument Catalog

This will open the Instrument Catalog, where you can subscribe to and unsubscribe from different trading instruments.


Set width to fit data

Readjust columns’ width to fit data.



Brings up the 'Customize Columns' dialog, where you can choose which columns are visible (checked) and which are hidden (unchecked). You can also drag and drop individual columns to organize them in custom order. Clicking the Default button will return the columns to their default order. Click OK to save your changes, or click Cancel to discard your changes and close the dialog.



Default Sorting

Restores default sorting order for columns. (The default sorting refers to the default way in which records in the window are sorted; this does NOT refer to the order in which the columns appear.)



Allows you to change settings and modify window appearance.




This window allows you to hide/unhide different instruments, as well as sort them alphabetically, by default, or in custom order. To sort instruments in custom order, set the sort type to “Custom” and use the up and down arrows in the window interface to change the order of individual instruments.

To search for instruments,enter one or more characters of the instrument name in the Find Instrument box and click the up/down arrows to toggle through the results. Note that you can only search inside one box at a time. Click inside a box (Invisible Instruments or Visible Instruments) to select that box's instruments for searching. The name of the selected box will be highlighted.


Rate updates

This section allows you to customize the price update indication in the Instruments window

Highlight Instrument: check this checkbox to set the highlighting of the instrument name at the moment when the rate update arrives. This setting gives you an additional idea about how often the prices come in.

Regardless of whether it was the Bid or Ask rate that updated, the instrument name will be highlighted with a specified background color (Highlight color box), and will stay lit for a specified period of time  (Highlight duration box). After that it returns to a normal background.

By default highlight function is disabled




Rate fonts: this section allows to specify the font color of updated Bid and Ask rates in the Instruments window

 You can specify three colors:

-Rate up color
-Rate down color
-Rate unchanged color

Depending on the new rate as compared to its previous value, its font color will change in accordance with these parameters. Bid and Ask rates change colors independently as their updates arrive.





Allows you to change the window’s font.

See more details.



Allows you to change window’s background color.

See more details.



Allows you to change format in which date/time are shown in the window.

See more details.


Refreshes window content.


Show/Hide Hidden Text