Pop-up menu 2

To access this menu, right-click on a record within the Summary window.



Menu commands:

hmtoggle_plus1Find Instrument

Allows you to search for instruments in the window.


Enter one or more characters in the instrument name and click Next to toggle through the results. Instruments meeting the search characteristics will be highlighted.

hmtoggle_plus1Close Positions

Allows you to close all positions in the selected instrument.

Right-click at the instrument record, and choose Close Positions from the pop-up menu. The “Close” dialog box will appear:




Note: Positions will be closed consecutively. If there is a substantial number of opened positions on a particular instrument, then the entire operation may take a few seconds. If rates change during the operation then the positions will be closed at different rates.


Note, that the system will not allow you to close the position which already has existing C order waiting for the dealer’s confirmation. If some of the selected positions already have C orders created earlier, you will receive the following message: "Some of the positions already have outstanding C orders. Close orders will not be created for these positions".

New C orders will be created only for the positions which do not have the C orders.

Note: On the NFA regulated systems, position closing is done in a different way. See details here.

hmtoggle_plus1Summary by All accounts

The Summary window shows the summary info for the accounts selected in Account Information window.  The Summary by all Accounts command allows you to access a summary of all open trades for all trading accounts. Right-click on the column header or any record in a window, and then choose Summary by All Accounts from the pop-up menu.

hmtoggle_plus1Summary by Selected Account

Allows you to view Summary only for accounts currently selected in the Accounts window

hmtoggle_plus1Not hedged summary only (NH Mode)

Changes the window’s display mode to Not Hedged mode. In this mode the window will display information on unhedged (exposed) positions only.


Full summary:



Not hedged (exposed) positions summary:



Note: The Net P/L value shown on the window title in the Not Hedged mode is the same number as in the Full mode. It represents Net P/L for all positions.






Allows you to change settings and modify window appearance

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Allows you to change the window’s font.

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Allows you to change the window’s background.

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Refreshes window content.

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