Indicators and Strategies

The Indicators and Strategies window allows to access and organize all scripts (indicators and strategies, both downloaded from FXApps and compiled manually).


The Indicators and Strategies window consists of the toolbar and three tabs: Standard, MyApps, and Favorite.


The Standard tab contains preloaded Indicators and Strategies. You cannot modify scripts or folders in this tab. But if a script has an open source, you can create an editable copy of it by clicking the “Clone” button on the window toolbar.


You can create/add/modify/move/delete scripts/folders in the MyApp tab using corresponding tools on the toolbar.


Also you can add  scripts to a “Favorite” list. Marked scripts will be automatically added to the Favorite tab.


You can use any scripts, available in the Indicators and Strategies: you can run/test selected strategy or add selected indicator to one of the opened charts or to the new one.


Note: All scripts downloaded (purchased) from FXApps store will be automatically added to the MyApp tab in the root catalog (strategy or indicator).




Indicators and Strategies Toolbar


The main toolbar of the Indicators and Strategies window gives the user quick access to the main functions of the window