Trading Opportunities

The Trading Opportunities window allows to monitor chart patterns provided by Autochartist in real time. Chart patterns are automatically identified on every instrument within different timeframes.

Chart patterns are very helpful in generating trading signals, detecting support and resistance levels, trend direction and reversal points.

Note: In order to receive chart patterns directly in ActTrader platform, you need to subscribe for Autochartist service in our FXApps (see Browse Catalogs > Plug-ins > Chart plug-ins)


Trading Opportunities window displays the following parameters for each pattern:

Instrument: only the instruments subscribed in ActTrader are presented in the table.
Direction: up, down
Interval: chart interval on which pattern is identified; can be 15m, 30m, 1h, 4h, 1d
Pattern name
Identified: date and time of pattern identification
Pattern type: Chart Pattern, Fibonacci pattern or Key Level. Click the pattern icon in this column to view preloaded image of the pattern with illustration of the trading signal. For example:


Quality of the pattern:  from 0 to 10 points.
Length (candles): number of candles that the pattern is comprised of
Type: Completed, Emerging
Age (candles):  number of candles created after pattern identification on the corresponding instrument/timeframe
Status: Active, Expired. A pattern becomes expired if its Age is equal or more than 10 candles.



Right-click menu in this window allows to select which of the chart patterns to display:  Active, Expired or All


You can also filter out the window content by applying filters to its columns. Select Preferences > Filters from the right-click menu – the filter buttons will appear above each column. Clicking the filter button opens the dialog box where you can select the filter criteria (criteria and appearance of the dialog box depend on the selected column):


Click OK in the dialog to apply filter. If filter is applied to the column, the filter button on it turns into a clickable link displaying the selected criteria:


In order to remove the filter buttons and reset all filters in the window, remove the checkmark from the Filters option in the right-click menu.

Viewing Chart Pattern on Chart

In order to view a pattern detected by Autochartist on ActTrader’s chart, you can just double-click on a pattern line in the Trading Opportunities window. A new chart for corresponding instrument and timeframe will open with the selected pattern plotted on it:


You can also add Autochartist patterns directly to an open chart by clicking the Autochartist button on the chart toolbar and selecting from the available pattern types: Pattern (for example: Triangle, Head and Shoulders etc.), Fibonacci (for example: 3 Drive, ABCD) or Key Level (for example: Support, Resistance).



After selecting pattern type, the last identified pattern will be plotted on the chart.

Note: Any pattern of the selected type will be displayed on chart, but only the one which has formed last.

Each type has its own set of parameters which are displayed in the additional Patterns panel at the left side of the chart.

You can also customize the color, width and stile of the lines for each pattern type in the Autochartist section of the Chart Settings window accessible from the right-click menu on a chart: