View Tab

The View tab contains controls for customizing the application look and feel.


The buttons are highlighted when pressed – this indicates that corresponding function is enabled.




Screen Space Group


Full Screen: Clicking this button maximizes the application screen space:

Expands ActTrader to the full screen
Hides the Account Information Bar and Status Bar
Minimizes the FXVoyager toolbar
Enables the Hide toolbar and Use embedded chart labels checkboxes for all currently open charts and in the Chart Default Settings – i.e. for all newly open charts these options will also be enabled.

As a result ActTrader looks as follows:


In order to restore ActTrader to the previous view, click View > Restore Screen:


Auto-Arrange Windows: Click to arrange all windows that are open in the current workspace in order to fill the screen.


Workspaces Group


New Workspace: Click to open a new workspace.

Rename Active Workspace: Click to rename the currently active workspace.

Close Active Workspace: Click to close the currently active workspace.


Interface Type Group


FX Voyager Toolbar: Click to enable standard FXVoyager interface.

Application Menu: Click to enable top-level menu interface

Disable Skins: Click to turn off the FXVoyager interface and go back to the older look and feel of the application, which will include mini tick charts inside the dealing rates.


Skins Group


Classic: Click to switch to the Classic skin (standard ActTrader skin; all screenshots in this manual are made in this skin).

Modern: Click to switch to the Modern skin.

Note: Switching to another skin requires restart of the platform.


Show Group


Status Bar: Click to show/hide the Status Bar at the bottom of the main application window.

Account Information Bar: Click to show/hide the Account Information Bar at the bottom of the main application window.

When the button is pressed (highlighted), the corresponding bar is shown; when the button is depressed, the corresponding bar is hidden.

Grid: Press the button to show the grid on the application background; you can change the grid size in the edit box. When moving windows within the application they snap to the grid, which helps to organize your layout more efficiently. The grid can also be customized in the Main settings > Windows section.