Visual Strategies

ActTrader allows users to create strategies directly from charts using intuitive and convenient interface of the Visual Strategy Editor. In order to build a strategy, a user does not have to know any programming languages. The editor is simple and user-friendly.

The visual strategy editor allows you to use different chart objects, such as indicators, chart patterns, trend lines, operate with fixed values and current values. The visual strategy can open or close positions, create and remove entry, stop/limit orders, as well as execute some additional actions such as sending notifications to trader. Statistics and graphical display on the chart will help the user to monitor his VAT strategy performance.

For example, you open a chart, plot a trendline on it, and create a strategy, that will open a new position as soon as the market rate crosses this trendline.  You can add a condition to place Stop order on the position when the market crosses a specified rate level. You can also set a condition that will close this position at specific time in future.

In the visual strategy editor these conditions will look as shown on the picture below:


The visual strategy consists of several independent rules (you can think of it as an individual scenario). Each rule includes a condition, event at which this condition is checked, and an action preformed when the condition is true.You can also use the Iteration parameter to specify the maximum number of times to execute the rule.
The condition is a set of two objects (represented on a chart) and a comparative operator that describes the state of these objects in relation to each other.
These objects can be candles, indicators, trend lines, fixed values and current values (date/time).


Creating a new visual strategy

To start creating a visual strategy, click the ‘New Visual Strategy’ button in the Home or Charts tab of the FXVoyager:

The New Chart dialog will appear allowing you to select instrument and time scale on which the strategy will be created.

You can also click the “Create Visual Strategy” button VAT21 on the chart toolbar, that will open the visual strategy editor in the current chart's window.

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