Newest Features

Time interval selection in Closed Positions windownew 

The Closed Positions window can now show trading history for any period (in addition to last n positions and last n days). You can select desired period in the Closed Position windows's settings. Read more...

Circle, Oval and Rectangle Tools new 

New graphical instruments which allow the user to draw circles, ovals and rectangles in the chart and change the properties of these objects have been added to ActTrader. Read more...


Modern Skin new

A new Modern skin has been added to ActTrader together with the possibility to switch between the available skins. Read more....


Interest on unused margin new

Traders can now receive daily interest on unused margin. Read more...


Default Stop/Limit orders new

Now traders can set default distance, in pips, for Stop, Limit and Entry orders in ActTrader. Read more...

Traders can also determine whether to set Predefined Stop/Trailing Stop and Limit orders when opening positions or placing Entry orders. These settings apply both to one-click trading and two-click trading modes Read more...


Rollover Time display new

Traders can now see the time when Rollover will be applied to their open positions. That will help traders to evaluate their risks beforehand. Read more...

Default setting for Trader Range new

Now the traders are able to set Default Trader Range in ActTrader's Settings. Default Trader Range is applied when opening and closing positions on any instrument, and can help to avoid orders reject by the system. Read more...

News window design modification new

The News Monitor window can be viewed in different modes now: the users can choose between the previously available table view and two new views offering more intuitive and customizable data representation. Read more...


Charting Improvements new

New settings for customizing the chart view have been added to ActTrader . All chart settings have been reorganized for a simpler and more convenient navigation. Read more...


Maximize Screen Space new

Several new settings are added to ActTrader allowing the user to hide certain elements of the application interface in order to increase the working space on the user's screen. Read more...


Reverse Positions & Lock In Profit new

Reverse Positions and Lock In Profit are new trading features that help to speed up manual trading


Preview Mode new

It is now possible to run ActTrader in Preview Mode without registration with any broker. This allows the potential traders to see the full spectrum of ActTrader features, but not perform any trading operations. Read more...


Built-in Registration new

Potential traders are now able to register directly from the trading platform, if registration is enabled (by a broker). Registration is now available directly from the Login dialog and from within the application when in Preview Mode


FXApps applications in ActTrader new

All purchased applications are now displayed in MyApps group under the FXApps tab of the FXVoyager


ActFX Scripts List Modification new

In order to add convenience to work with the indicators, the Scripts List window has been renamed to “Indicators and Strategies”, and search functionality has been added to this window. Read more...


Improvement of MQL4->ActFX converter new

MQL4->ActFX converter functionality has been greatly enhanced, including support of external libraries and fix of conversion errors. Read more...


Trading Opportunities window

The Trading Opportunities window has been added to ActTrader allowing to receive trading signals in form of chart patterns provided by Autochartist. Read more...


Recurrent Payments

The users of FXApps can now take out a recurrent subscription for news providers and other services with a limited period of use. Read more...

Using Managed Accounts in Strategies

Now it is possible to use Managed (group) accounts in strategies, so that strategy will trade from several accounts simultaneously. Read more....

Enhanced Binary Options window

We have created a new Binary Options window’s view that combines all the instruments and expirations, as well as bet placement controls. Read more...


MQL4->ActFX converter

The MQL4->ActFX converter can now be used in ActFX for converting MQL4 expert advisers into ActFX strategies. Read more...


FXApps News Provider

Traders now have the possibility to subscribe to different News Providers from FXApps. Read more...


Show Spread in the Dealing Rates

Spread value is now displayed in the Dealing Rates and Dealing Rates Table windows


Show Order size in Lots/Amounts setting

The traders can now change representation of positions/orders size in the application. They can choose whether to see positions and orders in lots or amounts. Read more...


Currency sign in the Account Information Bar

The sign of the base platform currency is added to the Account Information bar


Trade Open Time column

Traders are now able to see the time of the trade origination in the Open and Closed Positions windows, which can be different from the position’s open time. While the position’s open time is updated every time a position is partially closed (since, in essence a new position is created), the trade open time remains unchanged, indicating the moment when the initial position originated.


Instrument P/L column in the Summary window

A new Instrument P/L column has been added to the Summary window. Read more...

Summary window improvement

A new option has been added to the context menu in the Summary window: Summary by Selected account allowing to view information for accounts currently selected in the Accounts window.


Improved Indication of Price Updates

Now the traders can set up the mode of price update display in the Dealing Rates Table and Instruments windows. The indication will reflect not only the direction of the rate update, but also, implicitly, the frequency of price changes for each individual instrument. Read more...


Closing Positions and Creating Stop/Limit orders under NFA

The NFA regulated traders can now close their open interest from the Open Positions window in the “First-in-first-out” order, create Stop, Trailing and Limit orders on the open interest, and set Predefined Stops and Limits on Entry and I orders. Read more...


Trading Steps and Fractional Lots

With the introduction of two new instrument parameters: Trade Step and Minimal Increment, it’s now possible to trade fractional lots in our system, and make full use of the PAMM-allocation for group trading while still using the Lots (contacts). Read more...


Fibonacci Instruments

New Fibonacci instruments have been added to the technical analysis tools in ActTrader. Read more...


The users can now buy and download strategies from ActTrader using our FXApps market. Read more...


Visual Trading Project

The visual strategy editor implemented in ActTrader allows users to create strategies directly from charts using intuitive and convenient user interface. In order to build a strategy, a user does not have to know any programming languages. Read more...

Format for fractional pips

Trader is able to view rates’ Fractional pips (pipettes) in a format different from the rest of the digits in order to facilitate perception of information in the ActTrader’s windows.Read more...

New way to show candle parameter

It is now possible to show Details window in a chart. The Details window displays candles and indicators parameters at the current mouse pointer location. Another change involves showing pop-up hint (showing details/values) when hovering mouse over an indicator or a candle. Read more...


Off-Line mode for ActTrader

The users of ActTrader can now work with the platform in off-line mode. The off-line mode does not allow the users to perform any trading operations, but it can be used for working with charts and indicators, testing the algorithmic strategies and visual strategies (VAT) on week-ends and whenever internet connection is not available. Read more...


Test button in the sound settings

When you select a sound effect for a particular activity in the application’s Settings window, from now you are able to listen to a specified sound files. Read more...


Indicators and Strategies

Access to the ActFX scripts has been modified. Scripts List allows users to access and organize all scripts (indicators and strategies, both downloaded from FXApps and compiled manually) available in the platform by displaying them in a dedicated window.Read more...


Trade ID (FIFO Closing to Pick Trades with Smallest Trade ID)

A new identifier named Trade ID is now assigned to every new position at the moment of position opening in the same way as ticket ID.

This identifier will guarantee the FIFO order of positions closing for the NFA regulated systems.. Read more...


Binary Options

We are introducing Binary Options trading in ActForex platform. Read more...


Save Chart as Picture

It is now possible to save a chart as an image. Read more...


New Comment Column

You can now leave comments in Orders, Open Positions and Closed Positions windows in the dedicated column. Read more...


Customer Read Only Access to ActTrader

Customers are now able to log into ActTrader and watch trading while the very trading opportunities are disabled for them. Read more...


Restrictions on the instrument types allowed for trading

When the system is configured to restrict trading all instrument types on account, trading will be performed according to the specific logic. Read more...


Make a Deposit

Demo traders are now able to make a deposit to their demo accounts any time by themselves through ActTrader. Read more...


Hot Keys

You can now access the most frequently used functions with predefined hot keys combinations. Read more...


DA as percent of Maximum Order Amount

We introduce the new and convenient way of setting the default amount for new orders. Instead of pre-set lots it is now possible to pre-set default order amount in terms of percent of maximum trade size available at any given moment. This flexible way of setting default order amount will help traders to create orders, size of which will be automatically calculated by the system as a certain pre-set percent of a maximum available amount of order on an account. Read more...

Close Positions from Summary window

We have added a button allowing you to close positions directly from the Summary window. Read more...


New viewing Modes in Summary window

You can now view the summary of positions opened during the current trading day. Read more...


Confirmation message before closing ActTrader

To escape accidental closing of application’s window when a trader attempts to close ActTrader, the system can display a confirmation message. Read more...


Hide Managed Accounts Allocation Mode

If you do not have any managed accounts, all settings relating to the managed accounts will be hidden from the trading applications. Read more...


Save Load Candles Number

It is now possible to save the number of candles to be loaded on the chart as a part of the chart settings. Read more...


Modification of the Reject Functionality

The new reject mode implemented in all trading applications enables the trader to re-submit the rejected order at the current market price.

In this mode, reject message dialog box does not have a timer but allows you to change the Trader Range setting for the order. Read more...


Reject Message for system connected to STP

For systems connected to STP, it does not matter any more which Reject message type is set. Read more...


Minimize Windows at the Workspaces

By users’ request, we have added possibility to minimize individual windows within ActTrader workspaces. Read more...



Customizable Time Zones Tutorial

You can now set ActTrader to a time zone of your choosing. Localize your application, or align it with the time zone of different world markets. Includes automatic daylight saving time changes.



Charting Package

This release includes many chart enhancements, including new measure tools, performance improvements, and new technical indicators.


Load Additional Chart History

Configure how many candles are pre-loaded when a chart is opened.



Alerts on Penetration of a Trendline    Tutorial

Create custom alerts when the rate crosses one of your trendlines.



Measure Tool

Quickly determine the distance between any two points on a chart with the new measure tool



Advanced Fibonacci Settings

You can now set the properties of every line in the Fibonacci Retracement tool.



Text Labels

Add custom text labels anywhere in the chart.



Trend line Properties

Change the name, color, style, and other properties of manually plotted lines on the chart.



Save Charts and Chart Templates     Tutorial

Save customized charts and chart templates to be used in future sessions and even on a different computer.



Copy and Link Objects     Tutorial

Copy, paste, and link various objects across multiple charts.



Candle Formations

Use the three new candle formation indicators (Morning/Evening Star, Tweezer, Engulfing) to analyze candle patterns for trading signals.



New Technical Indicators

Ten new popular indicators are available in the charts.



ActTrader has a brand new look and a great new interface. To find about the great new features, click on the balloons in the picture below or scroll down for more information.


FXVoyagerProfilesDealing Rates WindowAccount Information Barwhatsnew



It was previously possible to sort data in ActTrader only by a single column at a time. Now traders can apply several levels of column sorting. Read more


hmtoggle_plus1New Look and Feel, FXVoyager

ActTrader has a brand new look and feel, as well as an intuitive new interface in FXVoyager, a new navigation feature. Read more



hmtoggle_plus1User Profiles


Traders can now customize and save an unlimited number of application layouts as user profiles. Read more



hmtoggle_plus1Margin Utilization Indicator

Traders now have a quick at-a-glance view of their used margin with this handy new visual indicator. Read more



A new Separating Lines visual tool is now available in charts. Read more
A new Measure tool offers a convenient way to quickly determine the distance and measurements between two points on charts.Read more
The following new Indicators are now available in charts: Read more




hmtoggle_plus1New Sounds in ActTrader

A set of new sound alerts has been added to the trading application. Read more



hmtoggle_plus1More friendly Trader Manual

This trader manual has been reorganized to be much more user-friendly. In addition to an updated Quick-Start Guide, the following new sections organize the information you need in a more intuitive way:

Configuring Your Workspace

The FXVoyager Toolbar

Trading Guide


hmtoggle_plus1Strategy and Indicator Editors - Manual Links

This Trader’s manual now includes sections dedicated to User Indicators and Algorithmic Trading.

hmtoggle_plus1Algorithmic Trading

We introduced a new algorithmic trading module that enables the trader to create and automatically execute trading strategies. The module has dedicated user interface with built in charts, lists of orders and open positions, strategy summary and statistics. The user can create complex strategies that involve multiple instruments and various time(candle) intervals. Furthermore, fully functional back testing allows traders to check their strategies against historic data. Documentation on algorithmic trading is in the form of a separate manual.


hmtoggle_plus1Export Window Data To Microsoft Excel

It is now possible to export data from certain windows into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This results in a snapshot of the window at that particular moment. Export to Excel can be done from the Orders, Open Positions, and Closed Positions windows.

hmtoggle_plus1Instrument Search

An instrument search function has been added to windows that contain lists of instruments. It has also been added to settings windows that contain instrument lists.

Windows                        Settings of Windows

Instruments                        Instruments

Dealing Rates Table                Dealing Rates

Summary                        Dealing Rates Table

New Chart

hmtoggle_plus1Windows Open In Cascading Arrangement

When several Individual Dealing Rates windows or several Chart windows are opened in a row, they will now open in a cascading (overlapping) arrangement. Previously, when we opened these windows, they would all open directly on top of one another. This is more convenient, as users can now see the title bars of all the windows at once.

hmtoggle_plus1Buy/Sell Menu Change

For greater clarity, the right-click menu items for creating market and entry orders have been modified to explicitly indicate the direction of the order (buy/sell).


hmtoggle_plus1Open Rate Moved to New Column in Orders Window

Orders aimed at closing a position previously displayed a price in both the Ask and Bid column in the Orders window (one price was the order rate, one price was the opening rate of the position). Since this can potentially lead to confusion regarding which price is the order price, the open rate of the position has been moved to a new column (‘Ticket Rate’) which is physically distanced from the Bid and Ask columns.

For C, S, L,M orders (orders aimed at closing an existing position), now only one rate in either Bid or Ask column is shown and that rate is the order's rate.

Previously, a parent open position rate was also shown (in blue color). This has been moved to the new column "Ticket Rate" which is situated right after the column "Ticket". Also a mouse-over hint "Open Rate of Parent Position" has been added for the new column.



hmtoggle_plus1Amount Values Now Include Commas

To ensure visual clarity, the numbers in the Summary window are displayed divided with commas ('Amount K',' NH Amount K', ' NH Lot' fields). The same is done in the Instruments window ('NetChg' field), in the Open Positions, Orders and Closed Positions windows ('Amt,K' field) and in the Order Depth window.

Note: This division affects both the lot and amount view and is fulfilled according to the Windows national parameter settings (comma, blank, dot, apostrophe etc.)

hmtoggle_plus1Keyboard Shortcuts Expanded

They limited keyboard shortcuts introduced in the last release have been expanded with the new ability to use shortcuts to add as well as multiply order amount values.

When creating a new order:

New option: Pressing Ctrl-K will add 1,000 to the order amount.


(If the order amount box is blank, then pressing K or Ctrl-K will enter 1,000 into the box. Pressing K again will multiply the order amount by 1,000. Pressing Ctrl-K again will add 1,000 to the order amount.)


New option: Pressing Ctrl-M will add 1,000,000 to the order amount.


(If the order amount box is blank, then pressing M or Ctrl-M will enter 1,000 into the box. Pressing M again will multiply the order amount by 1,000. Pressing Ctrl-M again will add 1,000,000 to the order amount.)

hmtoggle_plus1Using Drawing Tools On Indicators

Trend lines and other objects available in the Drawing Tools menu in charts can now be drawn on indicators that appear below the chart.


hmtoggle_plus1Trend lines Preserved When Chart Interval Changes

Trend lines drawn on the chart are now saved (redrawn) in the different time frame when the time interval changes in the chart.



15 minute chart



The same trend line on 1 hour chart





The same trend line after changing to 4 hours chart

hmtoggle_plus1Indicators Drawn Behind Candles

In order to improve the visual appearance of charts, indicators are now positioned in the background of the chart (underneath the candles, not over them).






Instrument Subscription *UPDATED*

Traders now have the option to subscribe to and unsubscribe from the instruments of their choice. One of the main immediate advantages to traders is that those trading a small number of instruments will now be able to unsubscribe from instruments they do not wish to see. This will reduce clutter on the trader interface, as well as improving performance for traders with limited internet resources.



Password Retrieval

Forgot your password? The new password retrieval feature will email it to you.



Keyboard Hotkeys (Shortcuts)

The application features hotkeys for the first time. Look for more new hotkeys in the future.



New "% Change" Column in Instruments Window

The new "% Change" column tracks the rate change for the instrument in % throughout the trading day.



New Chart Features (Including Trading From Charts)

The charting capabilities of the application have been greatly enhanced. The biggest new improvement is the ability to make trades directly from charts. In addition, the chart toolbox has been replaced by a more functional and ergonomic toolbar, and it is now much easier to modify the chart display.



Tabbed Windows

It is now possible to group multiple windows into a single, tabbed window. This can save a lot of screen space, giving you great freedom in setting up your workspaces.



Account Information Bar

A new Account Information bar allows traders to view their account information and select the active account, no matter which workspace is currently active.



Reports Window

The new Reports window allows you to run the Trading Statistics and Account Statement reports inside the trading application, without opening a web browser.



Trading Statistics Report

This new report shows a set of statistics for all trades completed during the report period on an account or a set of accounts.



Dealing Rates Windows: New Style

The Dealing Rates and Individual Rates windows have a new style and new functionality. All dealing rates now include a miniature tick chart, giving you an at-a-glance look at the instrument's recent performance/volatility.



New Options When Creating Conditional Orders

When creating conditional orders, you can now define your order in terms of distance from the market price, as well as projected profit/loss. This is very convenient when setting up stop/limit orders, for example, as you can now configure the order based on the projected profit of the position.



Organize Managed Accounts Window

Traders who have more than one account can now administrate their own managed accounts from this new window.



Lock All Accounts

Available to traders who have more than one account, this feature allows them to keep all their accounts selected in the Account Information window indefinitely.


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